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Slowly, she worked herself into a rhythm, bouncing up and down on my cock, her large melons jumping up and down with her movements. My hands, as if by...habit, moved their way to her ass. I squeezed her cheeks, helping her move up and down my long dick. “OH!” Crystal screamed in shock, however, not stopping her humping. Alyssa was no longer on the bed, but on all fours in front of me. “That’s right baby, tongue my asshole!” my sister said. I groaned loudly, partly because Crystal quickened her. Pleasing me makes you soooo happy and it also makes you feel sooo much pleasure.’ John’s body was falling under wave after wave of pleasure. His mind absorbed every word she said. She was his Mistress. He obeys all her commands, ‘ and obeying my commands make you feel wonderful. Little johnnyslave’s cock is getting so hard for Mistress. Those nights without me to stroke it you had to do it yourself baby didn’t you?’ ‘Yes Mistress, ‘his voice came out barely audible in response to her question.. She looked over at me and gave me a willing smile. I could see that she knew what I was up to and I did not want to let her down, not like her husband did. I moved up from where I was and stood up. I walked over and stood in front of her. She looked my body over and gave me a small smile that came along with the most incredible blush that I had ever seen a person make. I could tell that she was nervous and I was going to go slow with her. I moved forward and crawled onto her lap, pressing my. Finally I heard a male's voice say "hello, census bureau, anyone here?" The inside of stomach was filled with butterflies. I was so nervous but didn't say anything. "Hello" he said again. I said with a very shaky voice, "I'm up on the deck, come on up". OMFG, what did I just do. I didn't even have a hard on anymore I was so nervous, but inside I was so turned on. I could hear him walking across the patio then I could feel his steps as he was climbing up the steps. Then bam, there was a black.

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Part two

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