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’ Before you know it, she’s 38 and her biological clock is ticking and he’s 43 with no children. That day he brought up the idea of kids once ag...in which led to an argument that landed him in the local bar. One thing led to another and BAM! He’s in my bed in between my legs betraying his wife. Of course I felt bad the morning after. Then I thought ‘It’s okay, you’ll never see him again.’ Sure enough that turned out to be false in so many ways. But tonight here we were, hooking up one again. I. Erika approached him and uncovered his dick. It popped out of his underwear wildly and kept twitching in the air. A huge blob of cum left his dick and hit the floor. Erika slurped his cock slowly. Several times, she choked on it but it didn't seem to bother her.Mike looked at me and said, "What are you waiting for? Take off your clothes!"I did as he bid and revealed my seven-inch-long dick. Erika looked at me and made a lustful sound. She approached me and pushed me towards the bed.She sucked. “So whats your name?” she asked. “Karim mam”. “So you are that Karim eh. Have heard about you from Priya” she said. Priya was my biology teacher. What has she told her about me I thought. “She is quite worried. Heard that you are not performing well in her subjects”. I was numb. She saw my face and found my smile slowly disappearing. “Come on. Tell something”. But i couldn’t. I waited for another 2 mins.The Bell rang. She stood up and went to collect the remaining papers. I was the last to give. ‘Fuck me hard!’ screamed the girl, as she came down from her orgasm. She started slamming her hips back, every time Archer thrust forward. Archer picked up his speed after ten minutes of slow fucking, until his own orgasm began to approach. He took his hands off her breasts and took hold of her sexy hips, using them as leverage to slam his cock into her even harder. After another three minutes of speed fucking and loud screaming from Tara, Captain Archer was ready to explode as he began to.

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