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Then he stood between my legs, his cock still in my mouth, his hands pulling my head to his stomach. Then, with strength, lust, and greed he just sta...ted to face fuck me. I guess he knew I could take him all, and indeed I was having no problems swallowing his cock as it plunged in and out of my mouth and throat. I knew to keep feeling up his balls, and my other hand dropped down from his chest to his ass. I felt his round, muscular and hairy ass cheeks clench and unclench as fucked my face. . I told him that i didn't work Wednesdays, otherwise it was going to have to be the weekend."Wednesday suits me fine." He said. "I work for myself so I will be able to take the time off."I gave him my postcode and address."I will pick you up." He said. "Have you got somewhere local where we can go then?" I asked puzzled. "Don't you want to come here?" He chuckles again. "No its ok. I have the perfect place to go." So we arranged a place to meet.So on the Wednesday morning I waited beside the. I asked about the "other stuff" that he'd mentioned and he just laughed and said "You wouldn't believe some of the things i get asked to film! so i asked him to enlighten me.It turned out that he had a nice little sideline making "private" videos for couples and that last week he'd filmed a man's wife stripping off that they planned to send to a video magazine called Electric blue! As soon as he said this i looked over at Emma who was on the dance floor with her sister and imagined her being. ’ ‘Well, thanks, I appreciate that, but it’s just work stuff, nothing you need to worry about.’ ‘And what exactly is this work stuff that you do?’ ‘I’m in advertising. I was working on an account, and my boss tore the whole campaign to shreds, so it was just a lot of pent up frustration.’ They continued their friendly chit chat. They talked about their childhood, families, jobs-the basic first date topics. The conversation flowed easy and light. After about an hour, Allie suggested that she not.

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Kissi An

Aunty Kissing

Aunty Kissing

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Girl kissing

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Naked And Kissing

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