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It was his first time, and as expected, his staying power was extremely limited. Hanna was barely excited when she felt the first blast of his cum. He...immediately apologized for his quick trigger, and after a few minutes, did much better at his second attempt. Hanna actually enjoyed a minor orgasm, nothing like what she was hoping for, but enough to realize that a sexual life did exist for her beyond her brother.Over the next several weeks, Hanna taught Chris how to caress her for maximum. " Natalie smiled "I can fix you up with something similar but as you noticed they were rather form fitting so I would have to see your size." Raimi nodded with an abrupt motion of her head, Natalie saw her paws fisted at her sides and the flash of fear in her eyes and decided she was going to have a talk with the old dragon Morpaw and his wife and see what she could find out about Raimi.Raimi told herself she was being ridiculous, she was a warrior, she had fought and survived over and over. I raised my hand and cupped her bra encased right breast, squeezing. My thumb and forefinger rolling the tight nub as well as I could in its confines.She slipped her fingers under the waistband of my panties and touched the auburn patch of fur guarding my hot pussy. She slid her finger over my hood and parted it. Her finger sought and found the silky inner folds with an expertise I had felt in only one other.Caught up in the surprise and need I felt, I held her hand to my pussy, grinding up to. ” This was pretty vague, but maybe she sensed something about me that was correct, at least to her. I was certainly very attracted to her, and I am a very sexual person and I love spending hours with my lover, making her crazy with my hands and mouth and cock, both giving and receiving. “Tell me what else you see.”“I know you are a very sexual man. I can see it in your eyes and in your… hands.”Well, she said just what I was thinking. She’s right again. “This is true.”“I can tell you are.

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